Identity card


NAME: Il Colle – SURNAME: Carli – BORN IN: Montalcino (SI) – IN: 1972 – HEIGHT: 480mt. above sea level

EYES: three on each side, upon pruning the cordons – DISTINGUISHING MARKS: a C-shaped greyhound

My parents, my sister and I were all born and raised in Siena. My father was a notary and purchased il Colle in 1972, which has been our holiday home ever since. The first three hectares of vineyards were planted in the same year, and I still take care of them as of today. In 1977, my father had eventually uncorked the first of his Brunello bottles with a few friends. He perfectly managed to balance the busy city rhythms of a sworn notary with his own leisure: that is driving a tractor in the middle of the vineyards and breathing the air of Montalcino. One day, he found a bronze-coloured object stuck in the plow of the tractor on which he used to spend his weekends. The figure depicted a C-shaped greyhound: “C” as both Carli and Colle. Since none of the people he consulted seemed certain about the origin, perhaps Etruscan, he resigned himself by saying: “the past might be uncertain, but the future will be bright”. Indeed, that greyhound has stayed on our labels ever since.

In 1998, still just for fun but with great enthusiasm, he planted another 5 hectares of vineyards at Castelnuovo Dell’Abate of which, unfortunately, he only managed to wintess the first harvest. My father would have probably wanted me doing anything but this job: too dependent on atmospheric agents, uncontrollable, independent of human action. Curiously, what he saw as an obstacle sounds like freedom to me; anything he looked at as a risk was an opportunity. I turned what used to be no more than his “hobby” into a job that truly fascinates me, also thanks to the guidance of Giulio Gambelli, who has always been at my side, protecting me with professionalism and competence. Since then, a lot of wine has gone through our barrels, dreams and projects have eventually taken shape, leaving me more and more convinced that making wine is my true passion. Il Colle’s Brunello, Rosso and Come Se are indeed my “bright future“, just what my father had hoped for me
looking at that “C”.


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Passion has a face


Caterina Carli

In a small company like mine, we’ve got to take care of a little bit of everything. I spend most of my time in the cellar, where I do have lots of fun, but I also follow the works in the vineyeard, and take care of sales, management and administrative duties (the least fun part…).

Gianni Rubegni

Gianni is also from 1972, just to make sure he is in harmony with il Colle. He was born and raised in Montalcino. He is responsible for the birth and growth of grapes, which is why he is above all in the vineyard, day after day, both on the tractor and on foot.