My name is Caterina Carli, and I was born in the same year as il Colle. My job is to make wine, but my passion lies in the vineyards. I dedicate most of my work to the vine itself, as I am convinced that everything depends on a healthy birth, followed by the most natural care throughout the growth phase. I really like Sangiovese, even more so in its typical Montalcino variety. It never fails to pay back the attention it received by giving me a Brunello that can stand the test of time with harmony, balance, elegance and intensity.

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The world in a Bordeaux bottle


Giulio Gambelli has been the guide and inspiration behind the wines I produce. The simplicity and naturalness of his way of living and working have always accompanied me, along with the belief that making a good wine requires a few, simple rules: hard work in the vineyard, time, passion and cleanliness.

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