Harvest 2020

Harvest 2020

The harvest is arguably the only thing I will gladly remember about this year.

2020 was a perfect year for the vineyards: a mild winter, a clear spring with a rainy May, followed by many warm days in July and August. September started with beautifully mild days, while a few heatwaves in the afternoon managed to speed up the ripening process. After that, the temperatures remained stable until the harvest, allowing for excellent ripening of the grapes, both under the technical and phenolic point of view.

The temperature variations between day and night lent an additional helping hand by preserving the grapes in a perfect phytosanitary state, thus endowing the wine with a higher aromatic concentration.

The harvest began relatively early with the first grape variety, Merlot, followed by Sangiovese after a few weeks.

It was not a very abundant year as for quantity, but the quality was truly excellent.