What They Say About Us


“A safe address for all classic-style lovers. These wines are the result of patient ageing in large barrels of 50 and 30 hectoliters. There is no such as thing as filtration and the use of sulfur is very low”

Slow Wine 2019

“Caterina is the true soul of the company. Whenever she talks about her wines, she looks clearly driven by enthusiasm. The wines are produced according to the ancient Montalcino traditions: only the utmost respect for nature, and the ability to adjust to it in every phase, allow for the production of grapes capable of expressing the land of origin” Slow Wine 2014

“In the cellar, we work in the most traditional of ways. Sangiovese is left to age in large oak barrels after a slow fermentation and maceration process.”

Slow Wine 2011

“Caterina Carli has long accustomed us to wines of extreme truthfulness in representing the characteristics of her specific terroir.”

Vini Buoni d’Italia 2009

“Great simplicity, sincerity, and rigour are the first words that come to mind when summarising the production management of the company run by Caterina Carli, who, a couple of decades ago, took the helm of the estate purchased by her father in 1972. This small winery is capable of yielding some of the most sincere expressions of the Montalcino area. These wines have personality, character, territorial soul. ”

Slow Wine 2017

“We certainly cannot deny the straightforward and direct personality that constantly emerges from Caterina Carli’s Brunello.”

Gambero Rosso 2012

“Caterina Carli manages this small family-run winery with great passion, trying to enhance the most authentic character of Montalcino’s Sangiovese, declined in wines of natural elegance, which are often able to exploit the aromatic finesse offered by the Matrichese territory with non-interventionist after care techniques”

Guida Espresso Vini d’Italia 2011

Caterina Carli shuns the Montalcino media circus, she has her own ideas but sees well to keep aloof. Let’s say that she shuns the media circus tout court, and the spotlight of the limelight. But that’s all. She is a reserved, profound woman, reflective on the one hand, pragmatic on the other. Someone has a critical (and self-critical) conscience and a special sensitivity, and you understand right away that his “trajectories” are not and never will be commonplace.”

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